The African Network is a global
non-profit organization with the sole
mandate of fostering entrepreneurship
and technology among people of
African descent.

TAN was founded in Silicon Valley, California in 2004 to provide a support structure and network for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community leaders worldwide. The objective of TAN is to leverage all available resources through networking, education, training, and mentoring to develop entrepreneurship and enable community development among all people of African descent.
TAN accomplishes these aspects of fostering entrepreneurship and community development through two of its programs: TAN Conference (TANCon) and TAN Empowerment program (TEP). TANCon is now organized annually on two continents - Africa and USA.
African Centers of Excellence (ACE II) Initiative
The African Centers of Excellence Initiative (ACE II – is an innovative project initiated by The World Bank in partnership with Governments in Eastern and Southern Africa to establish Centers of Excellence with the aim of improving the quality of training, research and commercialization of research results into products in order to reduce the skills gap in key development areas. The ACE II project supports the governments of Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia in strengthening selected Centers of Excellence to deliver quality post-graduate education and build collaborative capacity through industry linkages to commercialize research results into products and private-sector enterprises. The African Network (TAN) has been involved and played instrumental roles in the ACE II initiative through the participation of it’s co-Founder, Dr. K. A. Appiah, who serves as a Member of the Regional Steering Committee which is the oversight and governing body mandated by The World Bank to ensure the success of the initiative. TAN’s role, through Dr. Appiah’s steering committee work, has been to inject TAN’s entrepreneurial and business insights into the program from both the African Diaspora and private sector perspectives. TAN continues to contribute to a key component of the ACE II project to build linkages with industry and the private sector through the Incubation Centers initiative in which Dr. Appiah, on behalf of TAN, is leading efforts to evaluate, select and support a number of incubation centers across the Eastern and Southern African regions.


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