The African Network is a global non-profit organization with the sole mandate of fostering entrepreneurship and technology among people of African descent.

TAN was founded in Silicon Valley, California in 2004 to provide a support structure and network for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community leaders worldwide. The objective of TAN is to leverage all available resources through networking, education, training, and mentoring to develop entrepreneurship and enable community development among all people of African descent.

TAN accomplishes these aspects of fostering entrepreneurship and community development through two of its programs: TAN Conference (TANCon) and TAN Empowerment program (TEP). TANCon is now organized annually on two continents - Africa and the United States of America (USA). Its main purpose is to create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, business leaders, community leaders and policy makers network and discuss investments, business opportunities and other issues of relevance to all people of African Descent on a global level.

With this purpose of fostering entrepreneurship comes the giving-back to the community aspect of the organization known as the TAN Empowerment Program (TEP). The main aim of the TEP program is to mentor, train, educate and equip future entrepreneurs, especially the youth, with resources needed to take that leap of faith. In addition, TEP tends to focus on low-income, needy, under-served and less privileged communities with a view to mobilizing resources that could be used to uplift them. These resources could come in the form of mentoring, training, coaching and affordable physical resources that can make a difference in their lives.


The intent is to build a global organization, yet community-oriented, that is focused on the needs of people of African descent.

Our global vision is to leverage all available resources for the technological and entrepreneurial advancement of Africa and people of African descent.

Entrepreneurship and job creation are the primary ingredients of TAN’s vision. The idea is to alleviate or completely eliminate poverty by enabling entrepreneurship and job creation because at TAN, we believe that the best way to tackle poverty is not to give aid, but to empower people to become economically independent and self-sufficient so they can stand on their own feet.


  • To connect people of African descent - Africans in Diaspora and on the African continent--through entrepreneurship and community development seminars and conferences.
  • To present Africa to the world as one of the fastest growing economic centers and thus attract investments in science, technology and enterprise.
  • To foster unprecedented positive cooperation amongst members of the organization.